Physical Education/Health

Physical Education/Health
Comprehensive physical development and health programs in District 70 offer great potential for enhancing the capacity of students' minds and bodies. Extensive research connects the ability to learn to good health. Healthy minds and bodies are basic to academic success and, in later life, enhance the ability to contribute to a productive work environment.  

Male students playing floor hockey with a bright orange puck.

The benefits of comprehensive health and physical education include promoting a healthy generation of students who are able to achieve their highest potential, reversing the trend of deteriorating health and physical fitness among youth, and helping to lower the cost of healthcare in the United States.
Illinois Physical Education/ Health Standards guide teaching and learning.

K-5 Health Curriculum In District 70

Health (2023-2024)

Highland Curriculum Guide


Please contact your child’s health teacher with any questions.  You can also contact the school principal and/or the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Erik Youngman (