Bullying,  Intimidation & Harassment


White sign with a human hand writing Stop Bullying on the sign.

District Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment Policy 7:180

District 70 is dedicated to the social-emotional development and safety of all children. We believe a student's right to feel safe in school is paramount and contributes significantly to his or her capacity for learning. All District 70 schools have a protocol for reporting harassment and bullying and we are guided by Board of Education policies. In general, students are encouraged to approach staff and describe the incident. However, we recognize that a significant amount of harassment and bullying may not be reported using these traditional channels of communication. In response to this concern, we have developed an online method to report harassment and bullying at all of our schools.

Reports received outside of school hours will not be reviewed and acted upon until school is in session.

If your concern(s) require(s) immediate attention, please contact local law enforcement or call 911.