District 70 uses Chartwell’s Food Service to supply hot lunches daily. There are two choices every day, which can be found on the lunch menu for each school:

Lunch Menus

Every student has an account that is charged when they purchase a lunch or milk. To activate your child’s account and get the ability to add money using a credit card use MySchoolBucks (the online account option for families).  Alternately, you can send cash or a check for their account, made out to Libertyville District 70, to the school's lunchroom hostess. If you have more than one student, please clearly mark how much should go into each account. Please keep track of your student’s account and add money as necessary. If a student goes below zero and orders a lunch, they will be provided with a cheese sandwich until the account is replenished.

We highly discourage restaurant deliveries for students.  We cannot be responsible for lunches that don't get delivered to school.  Dropping off a lunch for a  student every day is also discouraged.  Kids  worry that  their lunch isn't coming  and  often  times their lunch does not arrive in time for them to eat.  Time is very limited.  If your student is not ordering a school lunch, please pack a lunch to send with them in the morning.  If a lunch is forgotten, please bring it to the office with their first and last name.  


Please send a healthy snack to school with your student daily.